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Fixing Your Scrum with Ryan Ripley

March 27, 2020

#46. Ryan Ripley joins me in Amazing Apps to discuss his new book, Fixing Your Scrum . Ryan is a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org. We also discuss: The suitability of Scrum for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platf…

Guest: Ryan Ripley
Daily Scrum

Live Inside My Daily Scrum

March 23, 2020

#45. This is a special, bonus episode of Amazing Applications with a live recording from inside my current Scrum teams' daily scrum. Take a sneak peek as my developers share their progress with each other and adjust the spri…

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Agile is Dead

Feb. 9, 2020

#44. Someone sends me an "Agile is Dead" article at least once a year. Are these articles with their clickbait headlines just opinion pieces with no data to back up the authors' claims or are they well-researched and thought…

Customer Story

CRM Success at Orbis Investments with EY Kalman

Jan. 21, 2020

#43. EY Kalman , also known as the CRM Ninja, joins me in this episode of Amazing Apps to reveal the critical factors behind the success of his Dynamics CRM project at Orbis Investments. Listen in as he reveals his critical …

Guest: EY Kalman
Q&A Scrum Team

All Your Scrum Team Questions Answered

Dec. 5, 2019

#42. The topic for this episode is scrum teams. The composition and the characteristics of your scrum team remain fundamental to you having any success with an agile approach when you're implementing business applications. I…

ALM & DevOps Partner Story Requirements

Managing Requirements in Azure DevOps with Tricia Sinclair

Nov. 7, 2019

#41. Lots of Microsoft Business Applications teams use Azure DevOps Repos and Pipelines for managing their source code and automating their code integration, build and deployment processes. But what about using Azure DevOps …


Estimating Bugs in Scrum

Oct. 27, 2019

#40. There are two ways of handling bugs in Scrum: Bug Estimators treat bugs like any other product backlog item. They write a card, estimate it, add it to the product backlog, prioritise it and work on it during a future sp…

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Definition of Next

Oct. 10, 2019

#39. Imagine you're a member of a development team implementing Microsoft Business Applications using the Scrum framework. What do you do when you've completed the item you're working on? Inspired by my favourite TV show of …


Agile Foundations Course Launch

Oct. 3, 2019

#38. If you’re brand new to agile software development and are wondering how an agile approach can be applied to your Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power BI or Power Automate project, I’ve launched a new free mini-course: Agile …

Business Central Dynamics 365 Partner Story

Repeatable Dynamics 365 Business Central with Steve Brooks, Bam Boom Cloud

Aug. 31, 2019

#37. Steve Books is the Chief Technology Officer of Bam Boom Cloud (previously known as Cooper Parry IT Solutions), 2020 winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Bam Boom Cloud is …

Dynamics 365 Partner Story

Agile Field Service at Monadelphous with David Conti, Velrada

Aug. 19, 2019

#36. David Conti surprised me with the size of Velrada's project that was a finalist in the 2019 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Field Service awards. I had always assumed that PotY awards were a recognition o…

Dynamics 365 ISV Story Partner Story

Dynamics 365 Turnaround at Eagle Housing with Mohamed Mostafa, iPropertyCloud

Aug. 5, 2019

#35. Mohamed Mostafa is the Solutions Director at TechLabs London , best known for iPropertyCloud , a suite of business applications for property companies. In this episode, Mohamed joins me to discuss the successful impleme…

Dynamics 365 Partner Story

Dynamics 365 for Financial Services Transformation with Andrew Bibby

July 24, 2019

#34. I chat with Andrew Bibby about his successful Dynamics 365 project at Devon Financial Services*. Andrew is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP with over 12 years’ experience implementing Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 …

Business Central Dynamics 365 Partner Story

Migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central with Johan Adenmark and Carolina Edvinsson

July 13, 2019

#33. I'm joined by Johan Adenmark and Carolina Edvinsson from NAB Solutions . NAB Solutions was a finalist in the 2019 Microsoft Partner of the Year awards for the innovative work migrating 25 Dynamics NAV customers to Dynam…

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How Much Have You Customised Dynamics 365?

July 3, 2019

#32. Have you ever been asked: "How much have you customised Dynamics 365?" "Is our CRM system customised more or less than average?" "Have we customised our system too much?" I've heard this question lots of times from IT l…

Partner Story Power Apps Portals

Power Apps Portals Disaster (Even with Scrum!)

June 13, 2019

#31. Have you ever had a Dynamics 365 or Power Apps disaster? I share the tale of my failed Power Apps Portals project. It got cancelled by the client before we released it to production. What went wrong? Are there warning s…

About Scrum Architecture

Emergent Design

May 30, 2019

#30. Emergent design is an advanced practice for Microsoft Business Application team experienced in Scrum. What is emergent design? When we practice emergent design, the development team designs the solution to meet the user…

Power Apps

Done! With the Power Apps Solution Checker

May 16, 2019

#29. Can you use a definition of done for a sprint? I outline six ideas for a definition of done for a user story and three ideas for a definition of done for a sprint. According to the Scrum Guide, the definition of done he…

Dynamics 365 Estimating Power Apps

Shawn, Stop Estimating Effort in Days! with Shawn Tabor

May 6, 2019

#28. Shawn Tabor wants to know whether to estimate project effort in days or story points. Aren't they the same thing? I've used four ways of estimating effort in my Dynamics 365 projects: Counting cards Days T-shirts Story …

Pitching Scrum

Pitching Scrum to Microsoft Customers

April 24, 2019

#27. Jonas Wauters from KPMG Belgium has a challenge pitching a Dynamics 365 project using Scrum to a prospective client. In particular, he'd like to know how to handle it when clients ask those three little questions: What …

Customer Story Sprint

Timeline of a 2-week Sprint

April 22, 2019

#26. Dan Barber , from the Customery Crew, wanted to know what it would be like inside some of Neil’s scrum events. In Scrum Dynamics 26, Neil walks Dan through one of his recent ten-day sprints day-by-day from sprint planni…

Daily Scrum Developers

Reading Your Answers at the Daily Scrum

April 22, 2019

#25. Neil is attempting a little experiment with a short, single question episode on the Amazing Applications podcast and on Youtube . Let’s see if he can answer your questions about Scrum for Dynamics 365 in ten minutes or …

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Scrum Role Antipatterns

April 22, 2019

#24. Neil covers his top 10 antipatterns for Scrum roles in Dynamics 365 projects. An antipattern looks like a good idea to a situation you were facing but wasn’t the best option when you look back on it. Antipatterns are tr…

Scrum Team Scrum Master

Hiring a Coach for Your Dynamics 365 Scrum Team

April 22, 2019

#23. Neil and Dermot discuss when Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners should consider hiring a scrum master or agile coach for their project. What is an agile coach and how is this role different from a scrum master? A…