June 13, 2019

Power Apps Portals Disaster (Even with Scrum!)

#31. Have you ever had a Dynamics 365 or Power Apps disaster? I share the tale of my failed Power Apps Portals project. It got cancelled by the client before we released it to production. What went wrong? Are there warning si...

Partner Story Power Apps Portals

May 30, 2019

Emergent Design

#31. Emergent design is an advanced practice for Microsoft Business Application team experienced in Scrum. What is emergent design? When we practice emergent design, the development team designs the solution to meet the users...

About Scrum Architecture Emergent Design

May 16, 2019

Done! With the Power Apps Solution Checker

#29. Can you use a definition of done for a sprint? I outline six ideas for a definition of done for a user story and three ideas for a definition of done for a sprint. According to the Scrum Guide, the definition of done hel...

Power Apps

May 06, 2019

Shawn, Stop Estimating Effort in Days! with Shawn Tabor

#28. Shawn Tabor wants to know whether to estimate project effort in days or story points. Aren't they the same thing? I've used four ways of estimating effort in my Dynamics 365 projects: Counting cards Days T-shirts Story p...

Dynamics 365 Estimating Power Apps

April 24, 2019

Pitching Scrum to Microsoft Customers

#27. Jonas Wauters from KPMG Belgium has a challenge pitching a Dynamics 365 project using Scrum to a prospective client. In particular, he'd like to know how to handle it when clients ask those three little questions: What a...

Pitching Scrum

April 22, 2019

Timeline of a 2-week Sprint

#26. Dan Barber , from the Customery Crew, wanted to know what it would be like inside some of Neil’s scrum events. In Scrum Dynamics 26, Neil walks Dan through one of his recent ten-day sprints day-by-day from sprint plannin...

Customery Story Sprint

April 22, 2019

Reading Your Answers at the Daily Scrum

#25. Neil is attempting a little experiment with a short, single question episode on the Amazing Applications podcast and on Youtube . Let’s see if he can answer your questions about Scrum for Dynamics 365 in ten minutes or l...

Daily Scrum Developers

April 22, 2019

Scrum Role Antipatterns

#24. Neil covers his top 10 antipatterns for Scrum roles in Dynamics 365 projects. An antipattern looks like a good idea to a situation you were facing but wasn’t the best option when you look back on it. Antipatterns are tra...

Developers Product Owner Scrum Master

April 22, 2019

Hiring a Coach for Your Dynamics 365 Scrum Team

#23. Neil and Dermot discuss when Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners should consider hiring a scrum master or agile coach for their project. What is an agile coach and how is this role different from a scrum master? A ...

Scrum Team Scrum Master

April 08, 2019

Scrum Event Antipatterns

#22. Some ideas turn out to be great ideas. Some ideas look like great ideas at the time but don't turn out so well in hindsight. Those are antipatterns. A pattern is a repeatable idea that solves a common problem, and should...

Daily Scrum Sprint Sprint Planning Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective

April 05, 2019

Azure DevOps with Mark Christie

#21. Mark Christie, who specialises in Dynamics 365 for Field Service at eBECS, uses Azure DevOps (formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services). He’s from Perth, the ancient capital of Scotland. On 25 January he’ll be celeb...

ALM & DevOps Partner Story Requirements

April 05, 2019

Scrum in the Public Sector with Seth Bacon

#20. Seth Bacon and Neil catch up to discuss Scrum in the public sector. You can connect with Seth Bacon on LinkedIn and @SethTBacon on Twitter . Check out Seth’s blog/vlog, The Bacon Bytes , for Dynamics 365 administrators. ...

About Scrum Partner Story Pitching Scrum

April 04, 2019

Optimising Scrum Teams

#19. We’re on a mission to ensure every Microsoft customer and partner successfully implements Dynamics 365 using the Scrum framework. Do you have a question for the Scrum Dynamics podcast? Visit Customery.com and click on th...

Developers Product Owner Q&A Scrum Team Scrum Master

April 04, 2019

Successfully Implementing Dynamics 365 with Scrum

#18. Neil recently presented a live session on YouTube for the Dynamics 365 Community Corner . He recorded this special version of his presentation for the podcast covering: His first Dynamics CRM project using Scrum at Premi...

About Scrum Dynamics 365

April 03, 2019

Tracking Scrum Metrics

#17. Dermot and Neil discuss what to measure in your Dynamics 365 projects when you're using Scrum. Tracking velocity is the basic measure of progress. Velocity is the total number of story points of 'done' stories in each sp...

About Scrum

April 03, 2019

Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective

#16. Dermot and Neil talk about the last two events in a sprint: the sprint review and the sprint retrospective, including: The format of sprint reviews and retrospectives How these events are structured Who should attend How...

Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective

April 03, 2019

More Listeners' Q&A

#15. Dermot’s picked up his Professional Scrum Master II and Professional Scrum Product Owner certifications. Good timing, Dermot, because our first question was from Dick Clark at eBECS who has a client project who wants to ...


April 03, 2019

Launching Jupiter

#14. Neil provides a behind-the-scenes peek into ‘Orientation Week’ in his Dynamics 365 project kicking off this week, the Jupiter Programme. Orientation Week (O-Week) is designed to onboard two Scrum teams so that they can s...


April 03, 2019

Sprint Planning

#13. Neil covers all aspects of sprint planning for Dynamics 365 projects: What is sprint planning and when does it take place? Who attends sprint planning, and what to do if the product owner can’t make it? How long is sprin...

Sprint Planning

April 03, 2019

The Sprint Backlog

#12. Co-hosts, Neil and Dermot (yes, he's back!), discuss the sprint backlog. What is the sprint backlog and how does it relate to the product backlog? Who is responsible for the sprint backlog and who can change it? How the ...

Sprint Backlog

April 02, 2019

Estimating the Product Backlog Using Planning Poker

#11. Estimating product backlog items using planning poker is the topic for this episode. The benefits of planning poker: gain a shared understanding of the work, bring diverse perspectives to the estimation process and estim...

Estimating Product Backlog

April 02, 2019

The Product Backlog

#10. Neil compares the to-do list on his 100-year old house to the product backlog and goes on to describe: Using epics to capture your project scope Getting your product backlog started Estimating backlog items using story p...

Product Backlog

April 02, 2019

Learning Scrum with Nick Doelman

#9. Neil is joined by Nick Doelman ( @ReadyXRM ) who shares his experience learning Scrum and applying it to one of his recent Dynamics 365 projects. During the episode we cover: Nick’s background in Dynamics 365 since CRM 1....

About Scrum Certification Partner Story

April 01, 2019

Listeners’ Q&A

#8. Dermot and Neil answer questions submitted by podcast listeners about: Estimating chores to reduce technical debt ( Todd Mercer ). Prioritizing items with dependencies and the principle of emergent design ( Alan Rachid )....

Estimating Pitching Scrum Planning Q&A