Smaller Teams, Bigger Wins: how to split your enterprise apps teams

June 2, 2023

141. Neil Benson discusses the challenges of organizing a large Scrum team to maximize efficiency. He suggests rotating developers between teams and organizing teams around specific components or external systems they need t…

Dynamics 365 Partner Story

Navigating the role of an architect in a Dynamics 365 Scrum team with Allan de Castro

May 19, 2023

#141. On this episode of Amazing Apps, podcast host Neil Benson is joined by Allan de Castro, a senior technical consultant for the Power Platform at Avanade France. They discuss their experience applying Scrum to recent pro…

Running experiments to build Dynamics 365 and Power Platform apps

April 20, 2023

Today, it’s just me, and I’d like to discuss what EMPIRICISM means to teams building complex, enterprise Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications. In this episode, I’ll break down what empiricism is and its importance in…

Agile Testing for Dynamics 365 with Emma Beckett

March 29, 2023

#139. Today’s guest is Emma Beckett, an experienced test professional who runs her own company, Fortitude 17, in London, UK. A professional footballer, Emma pursued a career in software testing, even though her first role in…

Deep dive into Dynamics 365 Marketing with Malin Martnes

March 21, 2023

#138. My guest today is Malin Martnes, a Microsoft MVP and MCT who runs her own company MaCoTra AS in Oslo, Norway. As you’ll hear, Malin doesn’t have any technical background on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform but she focus…

What's Next for Customery Academy?

Feb. 22, 2023

137. Customery Academy is my online business through which I coach and train Microsoft customers and partners to build amazing, agile business applications. In this episode, I share a short history of Customery Academy, wher…

Professional Scrum and DevOps with Richard Hundhausen

Feb. 15, 2023

136. My guest is Richard Hundhausen, a former Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, and co-creator of the Nexus Scaled Professional Scrum Framework. As you’ll hear, Richard doesn’t have a…

I'm Beginning to Hate Scrum

Feb. 9, 2023

#135. Remy is starting to hate Scrum. He thinks we should use Kanban. And get rid of Product Owners. It's a shame, then, that Remy doesn't understand Scrum. And doesn't want to understand Scrum. Don't be like Remy. Resources…

Power Apps Power Platform

Is Power Fx really low code? with Rishona Elijah

Jan. 31, 2023

Today’s guest is Rishona Elijah, a Microsoft MVP (Business Applications) and Microsoft Certified Trainer who works as a Power Platform Trainer and Evangelist at Barhead Solutions in Sydney, Australia. She spends most of her …

Power Platform

Power Platform Governance Possibilities with Michael Roth

Jan. 4, 2023

#133. Today’s guest is Michael Roth, a Power Platform consultant with Avanade who specializes in governance. In this episode, Michael walks us through how he keeps business apps amazing by working on only the fun stuff, i.e.…

Guest: Michael Roth
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Using Figma to design business apps with Andrew Ly

Dec. 13, 2022

132. Today’s guest is Andrew Ly, a Microsoft Business Applications Solutioning Lead at IBM Consulting in Australia. Andrew shares his 22 years of experience in the Microsoft space, including the type of work he does and the …

Guest: Andrew Ly
Dynamics 365 Partner Story

Deploying Dynamics 365 Field Service with Magnus Sørensen

Nov. 24, 2022

131. Today’s guest is Magnus Gether Sørensen, a Dynamics 365 Field Service expert at Delegate in Denmark. Magnus shares with us some of the Field Service projects he has worked on, as well as the interesting challenges that …

Partner Story Sprint

Sprint 1 is done!

Oct. 19, 2022

#130. Sprint 1 is a magical, wonderful, beautiful thing. Find out how my messy, unstructured and un-estimated sprint 1 unfurled on a recent project to build a Power Platform app for a mid-size Microsoft customer in financial…


Estimating Requirements for Your Microsoft Business App

Sept. 27, 2022

129. Learn how to use story point estimation to estimate the relative size of your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform application's requirements. You'll also learn: How to slice user stories into the right size for estimation an…

Estimating Requirements User Stories Requirements

Using Story Points to Estimate Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Apps

Sept. 14, 2022

128. My wife, Natascha, is a faster trail runner than I am. Find out why estimating trail runs in units of time leads to misaligned expectations about how long it'll take for us to run the same trail together. You'll also le…


Why Estimate Business Apps At All?

Aug. 25, 2022

127. Do you really have to estimate the effort of building the Dynamics 365 or Power Platform apps you've been asked to build? If you work for a Microsoft partner, you probably do -- unless you work for a customer who doesn'…

Estimating Q&A

Advanced Estimating Q&A

Aug. 15, 2022

126. Thanks for all your questions about estimating business applications. In this episode, I tackle four tricky situations when it comes to estimating Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications. Should we re-estimate item…

Customer Story Power Apps

EY's PowerPost reduces lead times by 95%

Aug. 12, 2022

#125. In this episode of Amazing Applications, Emil Hovgaard and Sheelan Bhana of EY Nordic Tech Hub share the story behind EY's PowerPost application and how it has made the General Ledger posting process easier and faster …

Architecture Requirements

Documenting Your Agile Applications

July 29, 2022

#124. When you're using an agile approach, like Scrum, how and when should you document your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform applications? After all, the Agile Manifesto says, "We value working software over comprehensive doc…


Sprint goals for Microsoft Business Apps

July 21, 2022

#123. Learn how to use sprint goals to communicate to your stakeholders what your team has committed to building this sprint. If you can write your sprint goal in the subject line of the sprint review invitation to your stak…

Product Owner

Can You Build an App Without a Product Owner?

July 4, 2022

122. Ethan is a scrum master for a Power Platform team and his team is trying to build an app but the customer's product owner hasn't shown up yet! What should he do? If your team's product owner is missing in action, in thi…

Customer Story Power Platform

Power Platform governance at a global scale with Rene Modery

June 17, 2022

121. What's it like trying to manage 10 Microsoft 365 tenants with hundreds of environments, apps and citizen developers. Rene Modery, Power Platform Technical Lead shares his journey at global advertising company, WPP. Mana…

Partner Story Requirements

Defining requirements for complex Power Platform apps with Hamish Sheild

June 7, 2022

120. Hamish Sheild describes his five step Solution Mapping framework for using design thinking principles to define the requirements for complex Power Platform applications. Hamish has discovered Outlook's Board View and Ne…

Partner Story

Is Pre-Sales the Key to Power Platform Success? with Craig McGeough

May 29, 2022

119. What's the role of pre-sales in setting up Microsoft customers and partners for successful Dynamics 365 and Power Platform projects? Today's guest is Craig McGeough, Power Platform Pre-Sales Consultant at Incremental Gr…