Sprint Episodes

April 22, 2019

Timeline of a 2-week Sprint

#26. Dan Barber , from the Customery Crew, wanted to know what it would be like inside some of Neil’s scrum events. In Scrum Dynamics 26, Neil walks Dan through one of his recent ten-day sprints day-by-day from sprint plannin...

Customery Story Sprint

April 08, 2019

Scrum Event Antipatterns

#22. Some ideas turn out to be great ideas. Some ideas look like great ideas at the time but don't turn out so well in hindsight. Those are antipatterns. A pattern is a repeatable idea that solves a common problem, and should...

Daily Scrum Sprint Sprint Planning Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective

April 01, 2019

Sprints and the Daily Scrum

#7. Dermot and Neil discuss sprints and the daily scrum events in a Scrum project. What's the ideal sprint length when you're using Scrum on a Dynamics 365 project? When is it a good idea to use special sprints like Sprint 0 ...

Daily Scrum Sprint