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July 26, 2021

Advanced Product Owner Questions

In this solo episode, I continue the deeper dive into the role of the Product Owner with advanced Product Owner questions. This episode covers: Can the product owner role be combined with scrum master or developer? Which prod...

Product Owner

July 13, 2021

10 Product Owner Myths on Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Projects

In this solo episode, I continue the deeper dive into the role of the Product Owner, who is responsible for maximizing the impact of the application that the scrum team is building. And I think our product owners in Power Pla...

Product Owner

June 28, 2021

Who Makes the Best Scrum Product Owner?

In this solo episode, I dive deeper into getting into the right mindset to build applications, including using the Scrum agile approach. This episode covers: Why the Product Owner is the most critical role in the Scrum team. ...

Product Owner

April 26, 2021

3 Big Lessons in Change Management with Britt Damkjaer

Join me with Britt Damkjaer, customer excellence and change management coach and the founder of bd relations in Copenhagen, Denmark as we discuss change management and business applications and other insights from her experie...

Change Management Customery Story Product Owner

October 21, 2020

Certification for Dynamics 365 Product Owners

Welcome to a season of Q&A episodes on the Amazing Applications podcast where Neil Benson, Microsoft MVP, will do his best to answer your questions about building amazing applications. Neal Carty , a Business Solutions Consul...

Certification Product Owner

March 27, 2020

Fixing Your Scrum with Ryan Ripley

Ryan Ripley joins me in Amazing Apps to discuss his new book, Fixing Your Scrum . Ryan is a Professional Scrum Trainer with We also discuss: The suitability of Scrum for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform pr...

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April 22, 2019

Scrum Role Antipatterns

Neil covers his top 10 antipatterns for Scrum roles in Dynamics 365 projects. An antipattern looks like a good idea to a situation you were facing but wasn’t the best option when you look back on it. Antipatterns are traps th...

Developers Product Owner Scrum Master

April 04, 2019

Optimising Scrum Teams

We’re on a mission to ensure every Microsoft customer and partner successfully implements Dynamics 365 using the Scrum framework. Do you have a question for the Scrum Dynamics podcast? Visit and click on the Sen...

Developers Product Owner Q&A Scrum Team Scrum Master

April 01, 2019

The Product Owner

Neil introduces the role of the Product Owner in Dynamics 365 projects, including: The primary responsibility of the Product Owner Five ways the Product Owner manages the Product Backlog Characteristics of great Product Owner...

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