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July 05, 2021

Product Goals for Power Platform and Dynamics 365

#94. I dive deeper into getting into the right mindset to build applications. In the last episode, we looked at ten potential candidates for the product owner role in our scrum teams building Power Platform and Dynamics 365 ...

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December 28, 2020

How to Manage Scope Creep in an Agile Project?

#67. In this Q&A episode, Stephen Price , Digital Solution Architect at ITK Consulting in Canada, asks, "How should we manage scope creep within a sprint in an agile project?" The scope of our product is defined by the produc...

Product Backlog Q&A

November 04, 2020

How Can We Be Sure We've Captured All Requirements?

#61. Mark Llewellyn , Director of Technology at Osmosys Software Solutions in London asks, "How can you be sure you've captured all the requirements?" Traditional approaches, like Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, pretend that we...

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April 02, 2019

Estimating the Product Backlog Using Planning Poker

#11. Estimating product backlog items using planning poker is the topic for this episode. The benefits of planning poker: gain a shared understanding of the work, bring diverse perspectives to the estimation process and estim...

Estimating Product Backlog

April 02, 2019

The Product Backlog

#10. Neil compares the to-do list on his 100-year old house to the product backlog and goes on to describe: Using epics to capture your project scope Getting your product backlog started Estimating backlog items using story p...

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