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Documenting Your Agile Applications

July 29, 2022

#124. When you're using an agile approach, like Scrum, how and when should you document your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform applications? After all, the Agile Manifesto says, "We value working software over comprehensive doc…

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Microsoft FastTrack Success by Design with Seth Kircher

Oct. 18, 2021

103. The Microsoft FastTrack Success by Design implementation guide was first published in May 2021 and has refreshed this month (October 2021) in the 2021 Wave 2 update . What is Success by Design? Is it the latest incarnat…

Guest: Seth Kircher
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Power BI Deferred Design with Reza Rad, RADACAD

June 14, 2021

#91. Join me with Reza Rad, the founder and CEO of RADACAD providing Power BI training and consultancy services to thousands of Microsoft customers and partners every year. Reza's list of achievements is pretty embarrassing.…

Guest: Reza Rad
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A Power Apps Portal for 1 Million Users in 100 hours with Mohammed Mohsin Khalid, Imperium Dynamics

May 31, 2021

#89. Join me with Mohammad Mohsin Khalid. And he's the founder, CEO and chief architect at Imperium Dynamics. He and his team built a Power Portal to support a million constituents booking their COVID test appointments, and …

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Should You Design Upfront When Scaling Development?

Feb. 15, 2021

#72. Michael Nunes asks, "When multiple systems are being delivered by different parties, I find that we have to design the details upfront, then use agile for the delivery of the Dynamics 365 systems. Is this your experienc…

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Agile Architects with Gus Gonzalez and Joel Lindstrom

May 17, 2020

#49. I'm joined by Gus Gonzalez and Joel Lindstrom to discuss the role of solution architects in agile teams implementing Microsoft Business Applications. We chill out on the mics and discuss: Why weren't Joel and Guz at MVP…

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Prototyping Power Apps with Clément Olivier

May 4, 2020

#48. My guest is Clément Olivier from Javista in Nantes, France. Clément was recently awarded a Power Platform FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect designation. He was one of 8 first-time Power Apps architects and 5 Power…

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How Much Have You Customised Dynamics 365?

July 3, 2019

#32. Have you ever been asked: "How much have you customised Dynamics 365?" "Is our CRM system customised more or less than average?" "Have we customised our system too much?" I've heard this question lots of times from IT l…

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Emergent Design

May 30, 2019

#30. Emergent design is an advanced practice for Microsoft Business Application team experienced in Scrum. What is emergent design? When we practice emergent design, the development team designs the solution to meet the user…