Daily Scrum Episodes

March 23, 2020

Live Inside My Daily Scrum

#45. This is a special, bonus episode of Amazing Applications with a live recording from inside my current Scrum teams' daily scrum. Take a sneak peek as my developers share their progress with each other and adjust the sprin...

Daily Scrum

April 22, 2019

Reading Your Answers at the Daily Scrum

#25. Neil is attempting a little experiment with a short, single question episode on the Amazing Applications podcast and on Youtube . Let’s see if he can answer your questions about Scrum for Dynamics 365 in ten minutes or l...

Daily Scrum Developers

April 08, 2019

Scrum Event Antipatterns

#22. Some ideas turn out to be great ideas. Some ideas look like great ideas at the time but don't turn out so well in hindsight. Those are antipatterns. A pattern is a repeatable idea that solves a common problem, and should...

Daily Scrum Sprint Sprint Planning Sprint Review Sprint Retrospective

April 01, 2019

Sprints and the Daily Scrum

#7. Dermot and Neil discuss sprints and the daily scrum events in a Scrum project. What's the ideal sprint length when you're using Scrum on a Dynamics 365 project? When is it a good idea to use special sprints like Sprint 0 ...

Daily Scrum Sprint