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What Does the Scrum Guide 2020 Mean For Us?

Nov. 30, 2020

#65. Neil discusses the five most important changes in Scrum Guide 2020 for Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 teams: It's less strict and less about software One team (except when there're multiple teams) Commitment…

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Scrum Guide 2020 Launch Event

Nov. 3, 2020

#60. This year, Scrum is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To celebrate, the Scrum Guide 2020 is being published at a free global launch event at 10:00 EST on Wednesday 18 November 2020. Click here to register for the Scrum …

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Fixing Your Scrum with Ryan Ripley

March 27, 2020

#46. Ryan Ripley joins me in Amazing Apps to discuss his new book, Fixing Your Scrum . Ryan is a Professional Scrum Trainer with We also discuss: The suitability of Scrum for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platf…