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Using Story Points to Estimate Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Apps

Sept. 14, 2022

128. My wife, Natascha, is a faster trail runner than I am. Find out why estimating trail runs in units of time leads to misaligned expectations about how long it'll take for us to run the same trail together. You'll also le…

Architecture Requirements

Documenting Your Agile Applications

July 29, 2022

#124. When you're using an agile approach, like Scrum, how and when should you document your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform applications? After all, the Agile Manifesto says, "We value working software over comprehensive doc…

Partner Story Requirements

Defining requirements for complex Power Platform apps with Hamish Sheild

June 7, 2022

120. Hamish Sheild describes his five step Solution Mapping framework for using design thinking principles to define the requirements for complex Power Platform applications. Hamish has discovered Outlook's Board View and Ne…

Requirements Testing

Testing Heaven: When should we test agile apps?

Feb. 10, 2022

#110. My current team is stuck in Limbo. We've finished development of a Dynamics 365 application for a local government department and we're tapping our fingers waiting for acceptance testing to start. What should agile te…

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Product Backlog Refinement: Who's Involved? (And Why!)

Dec. 7, 2021

#106. You and the Microsoft Business Apps product owner are on Teams going through the product backlog. You two are working on it together because that’s how it has always been done. And yet, when you look back at the last f…

Requirements User Stories

Mastering Dynamics 365 Requirements in Azure DevOps with Dani Kahil

Sept. 13, 2021

#100. Are you looking for better ways to manage your Dynamics 365 and Power Platform requirements in Azure DevOps? Join me and Dani Kahil as we explore what it takes to master your requirements. Why use Azure DevOps to manag…

Guest: Dani Kahil

5 Reasons To Avoid Analysis in Advance

Aug. 16, 2021

#97. I share five reasons why I think you should avoid analysis in advance when you're building Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications. My five top reasons: Peak ignorance. You're analyzing the requirements during the …

Product Backlog Requirements

How Can We Be Sure We've Captured All Requirements?

Nov. 4, 2020

#61. Mark Llewellyn , Director of Technology at Osmosys Software Solutions in London asks, "How can you be sure you've captured all the requirements?" Traditional approaches, like Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, pretend that w…

About Scrum Architecture Requirements

Agile Architects with Gus Gonzalez and Joel Lindstrom

May 17, 2020

#49. I'm joined by Gus Gonzalez and Joel Lindstrom to discuss the role of solution architects in agile teams implementing Microsoft Business Applications. We chill out on the mics and discuss: Why weren't Joel and Guz at MVP…

Architecture Partner Story Power Apps Requirements

Prototyping Power Apps with Clément Olivier

May 4, 2020

#48. My guest is Clément Olivier from Javista in Nantes, France. Clément was recently awarded a Power Platform FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect designation. He was one of 8 first-time Power Apps architects and 5 Power…

ALM & DevOps Partner Story Requirements

Managing Requirements in Azure DevOps with Tricia Sinclair

Nov. 7, 2019

#41. Lots of Microsoft Business Applications teams use Azure DevOps Repos and Pipelines for managing their source code and automating their code integration, build and deployment processes. But what about using Azure DevOps …

ALM & DevOps Partner Story Requirements

Azure DevOps with Mark Christie

April 5, 2019

#21. Mark Christie, who specialises in Dynamics 365 for Field Service at eBECS, uses Azure DevOps (formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services). He’s from Perth, the ancient capital of Scotland. On 25 January he’ll be cele…